Sunday, February 17, 2013

*** NEW *** Psycho Soul


A good batch of tracks compiled on three CD's and for a decent price. Many of the good tracks are repeats which for me makes it a bit more expensive pick up plus the few tracks I did not recognize turned out to be weak. The track by Band Of Bees sounds great but is far from really being an oldie as it was released in 2005 by this British group.
Nice tracks by Ahead Of Our Time, Charisma, Family Connection, The Three Strangers, Starborn, Top Shelf, The Fillmotions, Smoke Sugar Company, Step By Step, Third Flight and a many others. Sound quality does vary. A recommended addition to your collection.
8 out of 10

Minnie Riperton

"Lonely Girl" recorded as Andrea Davis and "Happy New Love" recorded when she was part of The Gems, to me made this CD worth while. I really did not care much for the rest of the material. I find it hard to talk myself into picking up any other release by Minnie Riperton. Sorry but "Lovin' You" is just annoying to me. Pick this one up, you can find for a good price online.
4 out of 10

Chicago Twin Time

A few nice slow jams included in this collection. They are "Without You" by The Ultimations, "What Is Love" by Josephine Taylor, "Sad Feeling" by Cicero Blake and "Please Change Your Mind" by The Five Du-Tones.
3 out of 10

Friends Of Distinction

The title track for me is by far the best this group has to offer. The rest reminds me too much of The 5th Dimension which is not of my interest. I would recommend you pick this track up on a compilation set such as Hey Love Vol. 1.
1 out of 10

Turner Bros.

This one just did not do it for me. The price was low enough for me not to pass up. The only good track is "I Remember" as the rest are more up beat.
2 out of 10

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Topics And Friends

An impressive job done on the packaging by the good folks at P-Vine Records in Japan. The best songs are "All Good Things Can't Last" and "Your Love Comes Slower Than Ever" by The Topics and "What Is Love" by Marion Butler.
6 out of 10

Lee Williams And The Cymbals (And Friends)

Excitement was high when Collectables Records released this compilation. Collectables records went on to keep releasing some rare and amazing soul material throughout the 90's. The featured artist delivers some very fine cuts in "I Love You More", "I'll Be Gone", "Peeping Through The Window" and "I Need You Baby". Other good tracks include "I'm Afraid" and "Lonely Girl" by The Lovettes, "I'm The Man" by The Turner Brothers and "Need Someone To Love" by The Symphonics. A must for your collection.
8 out of 10

The Emperors

A very, very good take on "Sad Girl". Other nice tracks are "I've Got To Have Her" and "Nobody Could Ever Love You". The rest are more uptempo. Excellent sound quality.
6 out of 10

Rare Boston Soul

A mix of mid/up tempo and sweet soul cuts. The sound quality varies on this release. Highlights include tracks by The Sinclayrs, The Endeavors, The Turnpikes and Ambition.
7 out of 10

San Francisco Bay Area Soul Harmony

Killer sweet soul material! Many good tracks by rare acts such as The Emulations, The Lovers, Star Material, Dem III, Mantis, and The Cre-Shendos. The sound quality is below average. A must for the sweet soul fan.
9 out of 10

Major Lance

A few nice mid tempo tracks but not many true slow jams. Songs of interest include "Think Nothing About It", "Please Don't Say No More", "I'm The One" and "It Ain't No Use". If you dig the Chicago sound, you will love this.
4o ut of 10

The Independents

Smooth 70's soul sounds by The Independents. Highlights include "Leaving Me", "It's All Over", "I Just Want To Be There" and "The First Time We Met". A must for the collection.
6 out of 10

Sunday, February 3, 2013

*New* Rare Soul From The Southside Vol. 3

*** New Release ***
This release comes out hitting hard with a couple of very good tracks in "Why" by Jonahs Whales and "Got To Get You Back" by Brothers By Choice. It dips into the southern soul scene and contains only a few repeats. The sound quality varies. Other good jams are "Come Walk With Me" by Hott Buttered Soul, "I Need You" by The Sophisticates, " Loving You" by The Deviations And The Deviation Band, "Baby, Baby Release Me" by The Intensions and "Do You Believe In Magic" by City Magic. Highly recommended.
9 out of 10

Cruizing Babies

Not completely a west coast group harmony release as it contains mostly acts from across the country. More like tracks that are big favorites throughout California. Highlights include "I'm In Love" by Pretty Boy Lamar, "Heaven And Paradise" By The Chants, "Please Answer" by The Heartbreakers, "Oh Please Love Me" by The Lyrics, "Midnight Love" by The Downbeats, "You Conquered Me" by Willie Logan And The Plaids and "My Darling" by The Starlites. This one has been out of circulation for a long while now. Sound quality varies a bit.
8 out of 10.

The Eight Minutes

Solid soul jams by The Eight Minutes! Highlights include "I Can't Wait", "Oh Yes I Do" and "Find The One Who Loves You".
7 out of 10

East Side Story Volumes 13 & 14

An underground release that briefly hit a few years ago then disappeared. Good track include "Baby Think It Over" by The Martinels, "Have You Ever Told Her" by Billy Sol, "Don't Just Standard There" by The Five Chords plus a few more. If you can find it, don't pass it up.
7 out of 10

Rarest Of The Rare The Girl Groups

A very good collection with some great hard to find jams. The standouts are "Why I Love" by The Ultimates, "Your Turn" by Ruby Yates And The Swinging Rocks, "Faithful To Me" by The Fabulous Chimes, "My First Love" by The Peppermints, "Misery" by The Develles, "In Your Loving Care" by Florence And The Nightingales and "I'm Without A Boyfriend" by The Candle-Lighters. Sound quality varies quite a bit.
8 out of 10.

Gene Chandler

Good tracks scattered throughout a handful of releases. Those tracks include, of course "Duke of Earl",  "Rainbow", "Just Be True", "Bless Our Love", "Cowboys To Girls", "To Be A Lover", "I Fooled You This Time", "Think Nothing About It", "The Girl Don't Care", and "To Choose". A must for your collection.
7 out of 10.

Barbara Acklin

Nice material by Barbara Acklin. It's unfortunate that "Please Sunrise Please" was not included in her top 20 CD forcing you to buy another for a single track. Besides the above mentioned, other good tracks are "I'm I The Same Girl", "Yes I See The Love", Someone Else's Arms" and "Show Me The Way To Go" with Gene Chandler. Good liner notes on the greatest hits release.
5 out of 5