Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Shirelles

The budget CD on Curb pretty much covers the common tracks that appear on compilations such as East Side Story and Lowrider Oldies. They have one other really good track in "My Love Is A Charm" which is the sole reason for me picking up the release on the bottom. The rest of their material is too much "pop" for me.
3 out of 10

One Step To Paradise

More than a few nice, rare ballads are included in this two release compilation. Highlights include "Look At Me" by The Uniques (female group), "It Takes Time" by The Blenders, "All Roads Lead To Heartbreak" by The Symphonics, "Instead...How Are You" by The Coalitions, "Borrow Til Morning" by The Compliments, "Waiting" by Virgil And The 4 Chanels, "Here In Your Arms" by The Elgins (male group) and "Five Minutes" by The Covinas.
7 out of 10

The Cadets / The Jacks

Another impressive release from Ace Records covering this great west coast group. Highlights include the beautiful "Why Don't You Write Me", "I'll Be Spinning", "Away", "So Wrong" and "I'm Confessin'". A must for fans of the early west coast sounds.
4 out of 10

The El Dorados

For me the best track here is "A Falling Tear". Following that track here have "3 Reasons Why", "Lord Knows I Tried" and "Why Must I". It will take a dedicated Doo Wop fan to really appreciated this group.
4 out of 10

Bill Baker

A couple of nice, not great tracks with The Del Satins ("Is It A Dream" and "To The Aisle") but the best work is with The Five Satins. You can skip this and pick up one of the many good Five Satins compilations and be set.
3 out of 10

The Counts

Good obscure Doo Wop group that now has made a stronger presence with one of the Doo Wop Across America compilations that includes a good batch of their material. The CD featured here predates that compilation. Good tracks include "Darling Dear", "My Dear My Darling", "Sweet Names" and "I Need You Tonight". Recommended for the hardcore Doo Wop fan.
6 out of 10.

Lee Andrews And The Hearts

A nice package put out by Collectables Records on this legendary Doo Wop group. Highlights include "Long Lonely Nights", "Teardrops", "Together Again", "Baby Come Back", "Island Of Love", and "P.S. I Love You". A must for the Doo Wop fan.
6 out of 10

Bo Diddley

Lots and lots of tracks but nothing really stands on as far as ballads go with the exception of "I'm Sorry". The fourth disc does have one of Billy Stewarts' first ballads, "Baby You're My Only Love" which is a well welcomed addition. The price was right to take the gamble on this one.
2 out of 10

Little Richard

I bet more than a few people are surprised to see a Little Richard CD on this blog. Aside from his rockers he does have a nice mid tempo ballad in "Send Me Some Loving". You will be better off picking that track up on Neighborhood Oldies Vol. 1.
1 out of 10

Fats Domino

A few nice mid tempo ballads are included in this hits compilation. Highlights include "So Long", "Something's Wrong", and "Going To The River". The latter track has a much better sound with Chuck Willis.
4 out of 10

Lloyd Price

"Just Because" and maybe "Never Let Me Go" are the high points on this CD.
2 out of 10

Ivory Joe Hunter

"Since I Met You Baby" is one of my all time favorite ballads. Nothing else on this release comes close to that track. Your are best picking it up on a compilation such as Our Town Oldies Classics Vol. 1.
2 out of 10.

Ray Charles

"Crying Time" is pretty much the only ballad that grabs my attention from Ray Charles. Before I start getting nasty emails I must say that his talent and music is beyond comparison for many but my focus and love is solely on slow, soul ballads.
2 out of 10.

Johnny "Guitar" Watson

Seems only "Those Lonely, Lonely Nights" is the only track that makes it around the Low Rider scene but there are a couple of other nice tracks in this compilation. "Cuttin' In" and "That's The Chance You've Got To Take" stand out but are not as strong as "Lonely Nights".
4 out of  10

Jimmy Reed

I am by no means a blues guy but posting a couple of blues masters here this month. Jimmy Reed's "Baby, What You Want Me To Do" has appeared in a couple of oldies compilations. The tear jerker in this CD is "I'll Change My Style". It alone is well worth the price of this CD.
4 out of 10

Willie And The Mighty Magnificents

Mainly funky upbeat numbers from this group. One the their best ballads is included in the P-Vine release, "Make Me Your Slave". Unfortunately it sounds like little to no effort was put into cleaning up the LP sound which sucks since their CD's are not cheap. The Sequel release has solid sound all the way through. Highlights include of course "Make Me Your Slave", "Dearest One", "I Never Knew" and "What Can I Do".
6 out of 10

Tyrone Ashley

A let down with this CD, used a good song in the title then only included an instrumental take of it. If you want "Let Me Be Your Man" you can find on Lost Soul Oldies Vol. 7. A couple of nice tracks were included such as "Love Sweet Love" and "Come On Home".
4 out of 10

Willie And West Meet The New Sounds

Not the polish sweet soul harmonies from the New Jersey area we hear from the likes of the Moments or Whatnauts. Willie And West have just a couple of interesting tracks in "The Will" and "Can Your Hear The Voices". The New Sounds half of the CD is better. Highlights include "Here I Am", "Having You Around", "How I Feel Inside" and "Tell Me Your Name".
5 out of 10.

Eddie And Ernie

If you dig Sam and Dave then this duo will make a nice complementary addition to your collection. Tracks worth mentioning are "Falling Tears", "You Make My Life A Sunny Day", "In These Very Tender Moments" and "I'm A Young Man". Recommended for the deep soul fan.
4 out of 10