Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Little Royal

"Jealous" is a true classic among sweet soul music aficionados. The release counts with the cleanest recording available. "My Love Needs Company" is also a very good ballad. Asking price for this Japanese release varies so make sure you shop around if you plan to buy.
5 out of 10

Lou Beatty's Detroit Soul

Solid jams in "Take It From Me" by Clifford Binns, "She Does It" by Al Williams, "I Can Make It" by Don Hart and "Be Happy For Me" by The Masqueraders. This one will make a good addition to your soul library.
6 out of 10

Ol' Virginia Soul

A few really nice jams spread out through this 3 CD compilation. Highlights include "There He Is" by Dream Team, "The Best Man Cried" by Sebastian And The House Rockers, "Take What You Want But Leave A Little" by Reginald "C", "Please Tell Me" by Laurie Tate and "My Sweet Baby" by Sir Guy. Sound quality varies.
5 out of 10

Caroline Soul Survey

Highlights on this release are "Operator" by Toby King, "So I Can Love You" by Carol Humphries, "Hello Baby" by Dottie Pearson and "I Remember (How You Made Me Love You)" by Louis King.
6 out of 10

King Northern Soul

For the most part I steer clear of northern soul compilation but Ace Records tends to sneak in a few ballads that force me to rethink passing up on their releases. This compilation counts with "Never Find A Love Like Mine" by The Brownettes, "What Can I Do" by Donnie Elbert, "Once I Had A Love" by The Fabulous Denos and "It Hurts Me" by William Patton.
4 out of 10

Tony Aiken And Furure 2000

"She Loves Me" is a nice slow jam and sole highlight on this CD.
3 out of 10

Fernwood Rhythm 'N' Blues From Memphis

"Millionaire Without Love" by The Memphis Sounds and "Let's Be Sweethearts Again" by The Lyrics are the heavy hitting tracks on this release.
4 out of 10

The Dandeliers

"Just A Dream" by The Drakes is one of those forgotten Doo Wop gems that made this a must have for me. The rest is a mix of upbeat and dreamy ballads. Recommended for the hardcore Doo Wop fans.
4 out of 10

The Moroccos

A couple of nice Doo Wop ballads in "Have No Fear" by The Answers and "Sad Sad Hours" by The Moroccos. This one will be best appreciated by fans of early R&B. Very good sound quality.
4 out of 10

The Robins

"In My Dreams" was the sole highlight for me on this CD.
2 out of 10

The Stax Story 1958 - 1962

A massive amount of music at a very low price but at the end nothing really exciting. A couple of nice tracks by The Del Rios and The Tonettes. If you like instruments from Stax this might be a great bargain for you. For others I recommend you pass up.
1 out of 10

The Turks

I enjoy music by The Turks but do not care for the concept on this CD of including so many different takes on just 4 songs. The bait for me was "Okay" on this release.
3 out of 10

Willis Sanders And The Embers

Doo Wop is for me, the trickiest of the two genres I enjoy and look to purchase. sometimes you get some great tracks but other times the tracks fall short. This release I did not care much for. Too much pop for me.
1 out of 10

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

* NEW * Can't Get Over Losing You.....Rare Female Soul Vol. 1

Good rare tracks by Pat Lundy, Stevee Wellons, Misty Douglas and The Fascinations. Sound quality varies with a more than a few tracks lacking good or even decent quality, like when sourced from a compressed file. Many repeats.
3 out of 10