Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Lebron Brothers

One of my favorite Latin soul artist on these hard to find CD's. Hard hitting sweet soul jams in "I Knew You Were Gone" and "Don't Be Afraid". They also do a fantastic cover of "Daddy's Home".
7 out of 10

The Orchestra Soledad

A couple of killer Latin soul tunes in "I'll Make You A Queen" and "Just Like A Fool" make this a must have. A nice pick up readily available online.
7 out of 10

The TNT Band

"Very Bad Times" alone is well worth the pick up, if you can find. "I Miss you" is a also a solid track. Balance has that east coast salsa flavor.
7 out of 10

Precious Memories Vol. 1

Out of print CD with a mix of early doo wop from The Cliques to mid 70's soul from The Temprees. All pretty much standard tracks that are relatively easy to find. Highlights include "Tell Me So" by Donnie Elbert, "My Desire" by The Cliques, "I've Been Good To You" by Brenda Holloway and "Follow Your Heart" by The Manhattans.
6 out of 10

Felix Hernandez Presents Rhythm Revue

A nice collection of standard soul songs released before the sweet soul compilation explosion. Classics by The Five Stairsteps, Eddie Holman, The Ambassadors, Billy Stewart, Linda Jones, Barbara Mason, Brenda And The Tabulations, The Manhattans and others. Very good sound quality. I nice starter for those just getting their feet wet with soul music.
7 out of 10

Lost Deep Soul Treasures

Impressive 12 volume collection of some of the rarest deep soul tracks you can find. Highlights include "I Found A Love" by Valentine Adams, "I Shed A Tear" by Dan Hart And James Shorter, "When Midnight Comes" by Sandra Phillips, "Getting Over You" by Ray Lewis, "Give It Up" by Benny Johnson, "It's All Over Now" by Freddie Watson, "Without Your Love I'll Be Nothing" by Lavorn Smith, "Push Button Love" by The Internationals, "Amateur Love" by The Superiors Band And Their Soul Singers, "This Is My Story" by Johnny And Lily, "Wake Me When It's Over" by The Experts, "The Love In My Heart" by Gerald Trotter, "I Need You" by Barbara Howard, "My Little Baby" Charles And Ivory, "Ooh I Love You" by The Cashmeres, "Your Search Is Over" by Walter Foster, "Too Much Pride" by The Persians, "Morning Noon I Cry" by Roger And The Ridley Sisters and "Try Me Darling" by Anthony Burns. Sound quality varies a bit but not too bad, no liner notes on any volume.
5 out of 10

Berry Gordy Motor City Roots

Early R&B sounds out of the Detroit area presented here nicely packages with liner notes and good sound quality. Highlights include "Baby Baby" by The Five Stars, "Is It Too Late" by The Fideltones and "Once Upon A Time" by Marv Johnson.
4 out of 10

Troubled Waters, Deep Soul From The Deep South

Mellow sounds with some rough vocals featured here. Highlight is "Why, On Why" by J. Count Hughes. Take note that the McKinley Mitchell track is the the original version. Very good sound quality. Leave this one to the dedicated deep soul fans.
3 out of 10

Moaning, Groaning, Crying, A Galaxy Of Soul and R&B

Claude Hues's "Didn't We Have Some Good Times" is the highlight for me. "I was Wrong" by Little Ronnie And The Chromatics and "Love's Philosophy" by The Casanova II are decent tracks too. The rest I skipped through rather quickly.
3 out of 10

Double Shot Of Soul

"Trouble" by Kent And The Candidates is a nice track but besides that this is really tailored for the northern soul fans. If you are in search of sweet soul jams you will not find them here.
3 out of 10