Thursday, December 29, 2016

Warm And Tender Love

Here is one very rare CD with a couple of rare sweet tracks by The Victones ("Two Sides To Love" and "I Need You So") that are not available with this level of high sound quality on other compilations. Other highlights lean more on the deep soul side, Johnny Copeland and Jay Dee Bryant. If you find make sure you don't let it slip you by as you might not see it again.
5 out of 10

Capitol Soul Survivor

A couple of sweet melodies mixed in with mainly deep soul tracks. "In The Warmth Of My Arms" by General Cook and "Your Love" by The Persians are the high points.
5 out of 10

Lost Soul Treasures

A fine collection of now classic soul numbers. Highlights include "Don't Be Afraid" by Frankie Karl & The Dreams, "Until You Came Along" by The Visitors, "You've Been Untrue" by The Delfonics, "No Time For You" by The Commands, "Sad Girl", "Forgive Then Forget" and "You're On My Mind" by Jay Wiggins and a good handful of others.
6 out of 10

Liberty Soul Survivor

Only one standout here for me but, what a beauty! "Lover's Lullaby" by The Domestic Five.
4 out of 10

Larry Dixon

A monster of a sweet jam in "Next Time" is well worth the price of this CD. I skipped through most of the other tracks.
4 out 10

Don Julian

Don Julian is one of those classic Los Angeles artists which is very well known for his music throughout the low rider community. Highlights include the classic "I Want You Back", "Lie", "Heavenly Father", "Forget Me", "What Chance Has A Man" and others. A must for any serious soul fan.
7 out of 10

The Dynamics

Three solid jams included in this latest release featuring this Detroit area soul group. "What Would I Do", "Ice Cream Song" and "I Want To Thank You". Compliments well any sweet soul collection.
6 out of 10

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Crossover To Modern Soul

This release kicks off with a nice upbeat cover of "What Does It Take" by The Electrifying Cashmeres. No real laid back slow jams included but solid sweet vocals with a nice beat make this one nice release. Highlights include "Don't Push My Love Cup" by The Teques, "Being In Love" by Three Shades Of Soul, "Trying To Get To You" by The Imperial Wonders and "I'm Not Like The Others" by Deniece Chandler. Towards the end the sounds get too modern for my soul tastes.
5 out of 10

King's Serious Soul

The first volume delivers "I Don't Want To Leave You Darling" by Jeb Stuart, "All I Want Is You" by Lori And Lance, "Lonely Man" by Eugene Evans and "We'll Cry Together" by Marie "Queenie" Lyons. Volume 2 contains "Precious Minutes (I Can Really Call Mine) by Elaine Armstrong, "My Baby Is Back" by James Duncan and "I'm A Fool In Love" by LH And The Memphis Sounds. You would really have to like deep soul to truly appreciate this collection.
5 out of 10

Deep Soul Moments

Highlights here are "She Put Me Down" by Paul Walters, "Why Oh Why" by Little Alice, "I'm Confused Over You" by Gladys Tyler, "Come On And Love Me" by Johnny Stewart and "I Don't Want To Leave You Baby" by The Five Bosses. Recommend, especially if you dig deep soul.
6 out of 10

Stone Soul, San Francisco's Loadstone Label

The two standouts here are both by Jacqueline Jones, "You Make My Life A Sunny Day" and "A Frown On My Face". Excellent sound quality all the way through.
4 out of 10

From Chicago To Shreveport

One heck of a jam in "I Can't Stand To See You Go" by Joe Valentine highlights this CD. "Do You Still Feel The Same Way" by Tommie Young and "I Need Someone" by The Wallace Bros. are both well worth the mention.
5 out of 10

Stevie Wonder

"Hey Love" and "Contract On Love" are the two main reasons for picking this up. Everyone should  already know the big hits on this CD. No soul collection is complete without this legend's music.
5 out of 10

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Frankie And The Spindles

What a soul treat! After nearly a year long delay this Baltimore area soul group finally gets some much deserved recognition. Their claim to fame was on their great rendition of Derek Martin's "Count To Ten". Other notable tracks include "My Letter To You", "For Your Love", "There Is Beauty" and the live recording of The Chi-Lites' "Have You Seen Her". An absolute must have for the soul fan.
7 out of 10.

Helene Smith

Only full length release on this superb female artist from Florida. Unfortunately this release was pulled back very shortly after release. You can spot occasionally but not at a reasonable asking price. Highlights include "I'm Controlled By Your Love", "A Woman Will Do Wrong" and "Willing And Able".
5 out of 10