Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Lost And Found: The Blue Rock Records Story

A two disc set that takes a good in depth look at the Blue Rock label which pulled talent from across the country. Highlights include "Never No More" by The Chi-Lites, "To Be Or Not To Be" by Otis Leavill, "Cry Myself To Sleep" by Shirley Walhs And Souse, "Over My Dead Body" by Benny And Tina, "Something Bad (Is Happening)" by The Adventures, "The Love You Forgot" by Cynthia And The Imaginations and "I Wanna Know Right Now" and "Are You Really Happy" by Timothy Wilson. Solid sound quality and liner notes.
5 out of 10

For Millionaires Only

I knew going in that this set was probably not for me but just had to have "Girls Are Against Me" by The Utopias. Also worth a mention is "Showstopper" by The Cashmeres and "Heart, You're Made Of Stone" by The Magnetics". Good sound quality. Might not be a comp enjoyed much by the sweet soul crowd, best left to the northern soul crowd.
4 out of 10

Totally Solid Hitbound

Only a few highlights for me here, " I Won't Hurt You Anymore" by Eddie Anderson, "When You Lose The One You Love" by Buddy Smith and "I Won't Love You And Leave You" by Melvin Davis And Steve Mancha. Good sound quality but overall it would better appreciated by the northern soul crowd.
4 out of 10

Juke Box Gems

Not all soul style ballads but a few really good ones. Highlights include "Tell Me Why" by Little Alice, "Wrapped Up In A Dream: by The Candelettes, "Here Is My Heart" by A Debbie, "My Vow To You" by Eddie Lebron (noted as Cebron on the track listing), "Take A Lesson From The Teacher" AKA "Storybook Of Love" by The Whispers, "That's Why I Cry" by Karen Small, "You're All I Live For" by The Four Vibes, "Just Another Fool" by The Debs, "I Want A Girl" by The Imaginations, "If You Love Me" by The Informers and "Aching For You" by The Charmelettes. Sound quality varies. A solid addition to your collection.
I am searching for volume 2, if anyone knows where I can purchase it would be much appreciated if you can let me know.
6 out of 10

The Best Of Chess Vocal Groups

A very nice track by The Gems, "Dear One (It Was A Night)" was what lead me to acquire these two comps. Other nice tracks are pretty well know, The Dells, The Pastels, The Sonics and The Knight Brothers. Solid sound quality and lots of liner notes. If you want to pick these up do your research as prices range from good to insane.
5 out of 10

Love Charms

A mix of pop and more soulful tunes make up this compilation. Highlights include "Do Not Forget" by The Dreamers, "Write Me A Letter" by The Blossoms, "My Baby Said" by The Ribbons and a tune that has a strong resemblance to Rosie and The Originals, "Tell Me" by Sue Tornay And the Four Kings recorded on the Dore label. Good sound quality.
4 out of 10

Found In The Basement

If you are looking for a collection of nice low rider style ballads then this compilation is not for you, ballads are few. This set is for those who appreciate more of a pop sound with their rare oldies. Solid ballads include "Till The End Of time" by Miles And Andrew, "No Time" by The Gliders. "Johnny" by The Robins, "I Tore Up My Dairy" by The Simpson Sisters, "Hey Little Girl" by Little Abee C And Group, "Row Row Row My Boat" by The Four Mints and the lovely "Hey Baby" by Argie And The Arketts. Sound quality varies.
4 out of 10

Doo-Wop Love Letters

"Hurt By A Letter" by Terry Clinton And The Berry Cups, "This Letter To You" by Jimmy Pipkin And The Gallahads, "Why Don't You Write Me" by Johnny And The Sinceres, "The Letter" by The Larktones, "Writing This Letter" by The Fairlanes, "Write Me A Letter" by The Blossoms and "Letter From My Darling" by Little Tom And The Valentinos make this comp a solid pick up for the Doo Wop fans.
5 out of 10

A Slice Of Doo Wop

Obscure Doo Wop comp with a few nice ballads. "Love You That's Why" by The Monarchs, "Under Your Spell" by The Paramounts, "Heaven Only Knows" by The Kashmirs and "I Had A Dream" by The Paradons are my top picks. Sound quality varies.
4 out of 10

The Best of Ivy And Hanover Records

A couple of superb Doo Wops in "The Facts Of Love" by The Flourescents and "Lullabye Of The Bells" by The Deltairs set the bar so high that no other tracks reach that level in this comp. "Sunshine" by The Ivies and "Your First Love" by The  Five Letters as also decent tracks. Sound quality varies.
4 out of 10

Your Doo-Wop Hit Parade!

Standard Doo Wop tracks featuring The Charts, Jackie & the Starlites, The Ladders and others that are available on many other compilations. Very good sound quality on this release. A nice pick up if you are just getting started on your collection.
5 out of 10