Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Sueño Feliz

Brand new release with a Spanish twist. Even if you do not speak the language, you will surely pick up the covers quickly. Lots of very hard to find records with covers of well know tracks. I suggest you put a rush on buying this CD as once it is gone that will be it. Check out my Instagram post for info on who to contact for ordering. Highlights include tracks by Los Blue Angels, Wild Wind, Conjunto Musical De Tamaulipas and Los Correcaminos. Tracks taken directly from vinyl sources so associated anomalies will be present.
8 out of 10

Con Safos Oldies

A large undergound compilation with light packaging and no track lists. You will pretty much have to chance it on this one. If you have most rare soul oldies compilations out there, you have a good 90% of what is on these CD's. Sound quality varies.
3 out of 10

Lee Moses

"I Can't Take No Chances" is the strongest track here for those seeking ballads. Material is raw deep soul.This track can also be found on Gangsters Dedications Vol. 1 and I suggest you pick it up there.
2 out of 10

Super Soul Sisters

 A mix of standards with a few odd ball female tracks on this 3 disc set. This one is a nice to have but not one I can say run out and buy right now. Highlights include tracks by Baby Washington, Barbara Lynn, Yvonne Fair, Brenda Holloway and Gladys Knight And the Pips. Good sound quality.
4 out of 10

The Best Of X-Tra Records

A beauty in "Oh So Much" by The Heartspinners was the main reason for picking this CD up. Other notable tracks include "Can I Come Over" by The Youngtones, "The Bells" and "Oh Baby" by The Belaires.
5 out of 10

Pot Of Golden Oldies

"Bad Boy" by The Jive Bombers, "I'm So Lonely" by The Regals, "Come Back To Me" by The Holidays, "Letter To My Love" The Hollywood Flames, "Blue Eyes" by The Big Five", "Dreamy Eyes" by The Squires and "Who Would Have thought It" by The Deltairs are the standouts here. Overall good sound quality and recommended for the Doo Wop fans.
5 out of 10

Doo Wop Desirables

A few nice ballads but majority of the materiel has a more mainstream pop feel to it. Highlights include "Please Say You Want Me" by The Schoolboys, "Maybe" by Bobby Pedrick, "We Kiss In The Shadow" by The Luvs, "Come On baby" by The Van Dykes, "If It's Tonight" by The Gatorvettes, "I Need Somebody" by James Washington Lee & Group and "Now Is The Time (To Love Me)" by and unknown female artist. very good sound quality. A good addition for the Doo Wop library..
5 out of 10

Vee-Jay Records 10 Years Of Chicago Street Corner

I held on to volume 3 for a long time then gave up on finding volume 1 and did the post. Of course, then I spot vol 1 and 2. Early Chicago R&B with nice tracks by The Chords, The Orchids and The Eldorados. Best leave these ones to the hardcore Doo Wop fans. Excellent sound quality.
4 out of 10

Wrinkle City Relics

A few nice tracks but sound quality leaves much to be desired. Top picks include "Your Touch" by Yvonne Vernee, "I Miss You" by the Silverettes, "Till I Come Home" by Dee Impulse, "Show Me The Way" by Yvonne And The Violets, "Just Another Fool" by The Marvels, "I'm Going To Cry" by The Corvettes, "Faithful To Me" by The Fabulous Chimes, "Calling You" by Shirley And Willie and "Cry For Love" by Carver Smith High Combo. Nice songs it you don't mind the sound quality. Would have given a better rating but quality also counts.
4 out of 10

Doo Wop For Angels

A sweet jam in "Angel" by The Harper Brothers was the reason for this acquisition. Other notable mentions include tracks by The School Boys, The Satellites, Bertha Tillman, Anita May, Charles Brown, The Cosmos and The Dells. Most can be found on various other CD compilations. Sound quality varies.
5 out of 10