Monday, September 30, 2019

Hard To Find Underground Oldies

A set that is a whole bunch of the same thing. Pretty much every song used has been on multiple compilations which makes this not so hard to find music. To top it off tracks 6 and 7 on my volume 2 copy are messed up. Sound quality varies. A good starter set if you are just beginning to build your collection.
3 out of 10

Northern Soul Southern Style

Highlights on this compilation include "Ain't No Big Thing" by Little Joe And The Latinaires, "Step By Step" by the Poodles, "You're Welcome Back" by Ann Hodge and "I Want To Hold Your Hand Baby" by Nancy Butts. Sound quality varies.
5 out of 10

Night Train To Nashville

I picked up volume two for "Don't You Forget That You're My Baby" by the Spidells but had to have the first volume to complete the set. Other notable tracks include "Gotta Get Yourself Together" by The Valentines, "I'm Coming Home" by The Neptunes and of course Al Bundy's song, "Anna (Go To Him)" by Arthur Alexander.
3 out of 10

Pittsburgh's Favorite Oldies "For Lovers Only"

Lots and lots of common and obscure ballads on this edition of Itzy Records' releases. Highlights include "Don Juan" by The Starr Brothers (aka The Ideals), "You Are My Sweetheart" by The Bobbettes, "Lovers" by The Blendtones, "When I'm With you" by The Chants, "Someone" by Lovers, "It Hurts" by The Rialtos, "I'm So In Love" by Roxy And The Daychords, "Write Me A Letter" by The Blossoms, "Every Day Of My Life" by The Augustine Twins, "Let Me Dream" by The Matadors, "Moonrise" by The Terrans, and many others. Getting a bit harder and expensive to get these volumes. very good sound quality.
7 out of 10

Old Town Doo Wop

Pretty much the same good songs as noted on my post featuring this same label but put together by Collectables Records. If you dig both upbeat and slows songs, this will be a very good pick up. Highlights include Tracks by The Esquires, The Packards, The True-Tones, The Capris, The Tremaines, Ruth McFadden, and "Vicki Burgess And The Solerettes. Excellent sound quality.
6 out of 10

Rare Doo Wop

Both volumes start with upbeat numbers and sprinkle in some ballads towards the end. Highlights include "Just For A Little While" by The Tender-Tones, "The Clock" by The Jaytones, "Do Not Forsake Me" by The Young Hearts, "Tears From Your Eyes" by Nat Roman, "A New Love I Have Found" by The Fabulous Uptowns and "Pardon Me" by The Cazannes, Sound quality varies.
5 out of 10

John Dolphin's Records

A few really nice ballads on this rare compilation. Highlights include "I'm A Fool" and "Emily" by The Turks, "Golden Girl" by The Marbles, "Peggy" and "I Know" by The Hollywood Flames, "When I Return" by The Turbans and the killer ballad "Hey Now" by The Voices. Sound quality varies. Best left for the serious early R&B fans.
5 out of 10

The Best Of Mark REcords

Highlights on this one include "My Love Will Never Die" by The Young Rascals, "My Confession" by The Delvues, "Sorry Sorry" by The Teenage Moonlighters and "Nobody Can Love You" by The Supremes. Sound quality varies.
4 out of 10

I Always Remenber

Early R&B sounds that will take a hardcore Doo Wop fan to really appreciated. Highlights include "Honest" by The Gazelles and "Surrender" and "God Made You Mine' by the Kings.
4 out of 10

The Velvets

"Time And Again" is a decent ballad but the rest of the material is a bit too main stream for my tastes. If you dig pop sounds this one will be a good pick up for you.
2 out of 10