Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bunny Sigler

I heard a clip of his take of The Cruisers' "Picture Us" and had to pick it up. It's an OK cover and for me the sole highlight on this release.
2 out of 10

Monday, August 29, 2016

* NEW * Prime Time Oldies Vol. 6

Wow! It has been a while since a CD gave me goose bumps. In all honesty this is one of the very best soul compilations out there featuring female singers. Once this one goes into full release I will post the back cover. Highlights include "Hey Baby", "Wishing", "Where Does All The Time Go", "You Don't Have To" and many, many others. The track selection and sound quality will keep your finger off of the skip button. Highly recommended addition to any soul collection. Make sure not to let this one get away!
10 out of 10

Deepest Soul Vol. 2

Hard hitting slow jams in "It's So Hard To Say So Long" by The Vee Gees, "I Can Feel My Love Growing" by Bobby O'Brown, "Haven't We Been Good" by The Four Wonders and "I'll Be What You Want Me To Be" by Charles Brinkley make this a must for the 70's soul music aficionado. Very good sound quality.
7 out of 10

We Got A Sweet Thing Going On Vol. 2

This volumes has it's highlights but does not shine as bright as the first volume. Highlights include "Vibrations" by Eric And The Vikings, "Just A Part Of Life" by The Five Crowns and "The Thought Of Me Losing You" by the 21st. Some of the tracks had too much of a modern sound for my tastes.
5 out of 10.

Latin Oldies Volume 1

When first released this CD was more of a true west coast Latino favorites compilations than others with the same name. Pretty much every track now is on the many compilations out there. Highlights include tracks by The Jives, The Suspects, The Emotions (male soul group), The Royal Jesters and The Notations. Sound quality varies.
6 out of 10

The Best Of Scram Records

Big standout here is "What A Fool I've Been" by the Jades. Other note worthy tracks include "I've Got Love For My Baby" and "There's Nothing I Can Do" both also by The Jades.
5 out of 10

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Freddie Hughes

Nice release on the Kent Soul Label featuring San Francisco's Freddie Hughes. Plenty of liner notes to get a glimpse of this artist's history. Usual great sound quality. Highlights include "Station L-O-V-E", "Every Night I See Your Lovely Face", "I Gotta Keep My Bluff In" and the title track "Send My Baby Back".
6 out of 10

Music City Soul

Standout track on this one for me is "Nobody Knows" by Freddie Waters And Thomas Henry. Other notable tracks are "Just To Satisfy My Baby" by Peggy Gaines, "My Loss Your Gain" by The Jades, "Win Or Lose" by Rufus Hunter and "Foolish Lover" by Jimmy Tig And The Rounders.
5 out of 10

A True Love Story Never Ends

Not much to highlight on this release. All repeats but with substandard sound quality. You won't miss much skipping this one.
1 out of 10

Doo Wop Memories

You will require a strong love for Doo Wop to appreciate this series. Most casual oldies fans will not truly enjoy. Highlights include "I'll Be The One" by The Equadors, "Lie" by Don Julian And The Meadowlarks, "Pray For Me" by The Four Pharaohs, "Wherever You May Be" by Joe And Ann and a couple of beauties in "Teardrops Are Falling" by The Five Wings and " Boo-Hoo-Hoo" by The Vikings. Sound quality varies but not too much.
4 out of 10.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The California Playboys

I never thought I would see this album reissued on CD. Very short play list with mainly upbeat numbers. There is however, one big exception in "I've Got To Find Myself Another Girl". This track is a beauty and alone makes this CD highly recommended. Don't let this one get away, It is also reissued in vinyl.
8 out of 10

Time Served Chapter 3

Just released is the final chapter in the Time Served series of promo CD's. Seasoned collectors will recognized the tracks. Get your copy before they are gone (and they go fast) and help with their cause.
5 out of 10

Original Rucas Of Soul

Promotional CD featuring all female soul cuts. Mostly repeats but helping to contribute to soul collectors who help spread the soul music scene is something I am all for. Up and down California new appreciation for this music genre is being seen. Hardcore vinyl collectors are uncovering long lost gems for our listening pleasure, Let's show some appreciation and support. Sound quality varies.
6 out of 10