Sunday, June 30, 2013

Danny Boy Oldies: A Story Untold

The first two volumes were among the very first true rare oldies compilations to hit the scene on CD back in the mid 90's. The later releases contained many tracks borrowed from other compilations. These are now close to impossible to find so if you have keep them safe. A solid selection of tracks that stay true to the slow and low sound we love so much in the California barrios.
10 out of 10

Huggy Boy Presents.....Whittier Boulevard Oldies Vol. 2

A very good compilation of rare ballads even though many are repeats. Highlights include but are not limited to "Bound" by The Ponderosa Twins Plus One, "Oh Boy" by Dana Valery and "Baby Baby Please" by Timothy Wilson. There are some filler tracks towards the end that just don't belong in this type of compilation which drop down the grade. A recommended addition to your collection.
8 out of 10

American Me Soundtrack

A few nice rare ballads mixed in with standard and rap tracks. Highlights include " Let Love Be True" by The Naturals, "You Can't Keep A Good Man Down" by James And Bobby Purify, "Darling" by The Vibes, "Smile Now Cry Later" by Sunny And The Sunliners and "Heaven And Paradise" by Don Julian And The Meadowlarks.
7 out of 10

Donnie Elbert

Here is one high pitched singing voice that I just don't get tired of listening to! Donnie Elbert remains a very big name particularly in the Lowrider scene with his classics "What Can I Do" and "Have I Sinned". Other good tracks include "Tell Me So", "Who's It Gonna Be", "Will You Ever Be Mine" "I Beg Of You" "Mommie's Gone" and "Baby Let Me Love You Tonight". The second CD lacks the good sound quality that the Collectables release has.
7 out of 10

Barbara Lewis

My collector sense kept me buying Barbara Lewis releases knowing I would not find a lost gem. I finally stopped before getting the double CD release after reading some not so stellar reviews on the sound quality. You should be set with her "Best Of" and "Baby I'm Yours" releases. I went through the "Many Grooves"  CD quickly and did not care much for that material. Highlights are "Hello Stranger", "Pushing A Good Thing Too Far", "How Do I Say Goodbye", "Spend A Little Time", "Baby I'm Yours", "On Bended Knee" and "If You Love Her".
6 out of 10

Gladys Knight And The Pips

No need to point out the good tracks as any serious soul music fan can easily point them out. If you want the original version of "Every Beat Of My Heart" make sure you pick up the first CD here on the Relic Records label. The "One More Lonely Night" CD has all the same tracks but with lower sound quality on many tracks. The Motown compilation contains most of their other well know ballads. A must have for your collection.
7 out of 10


If you like the sounds of Earth Wind & Fire then this CD will not disappoint you. A few ballads but for me nothing that I would consider being outstanding. "Gloria", "Silly Love Song" and "Sunshine" are the highlights.
4 out of 10

Jimmy Briscoe And The Little Beavers

The first track "Forever" sets the bar pretty high and it is not reached by any other ballad on this disc. Other ballads include "My Ebony Princess", "True Love" and "Together (We'll Find The Way)".
5 out of 10

Boss Soul: The Genius Of Barry White

Viola Willis' "Lost Without The Love Of My Guy" is a good track and the major reason for me picking up this release. I was hoping the Johnny Wyatt tracks would have been better. A couple of okay ballads by Barry White and that was it.
3 out of 10

The Heart Of Southern Soul

One and done on this release. The Avons' cover of "Talk To Me" is very good and by far the best track on this disc. If you can find The Avons' track on another release consider picking that up instead.
2 out of 10

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Local Customs: Burned At Boddie

Another release by the folks at Numero Group that does not fail to deliver that rare monster soul ballad. This Cd has a few in  "Don't Stop Smiling" by Jus' Us, "Let Me Go" By The Harmonics and "I'm Gonna Treat You Good" by The Donations. A must for your collection.
8 out of 10

Chicago Gangsters

Rare soul harmony by The Chicago Gangsters that are widely forgotten but keep alive through hard core fans and collectors. "Blind Over You" is the big hit here.Other nice ballads include "We've Been Together", "Let Me Go" and their covers of "Break Your Promise" and "5-10-15-20 (25-30 Years Of Love)" A must for the soul music fan.
7 out of 10