Thursday, May 31, 2018

Lynwood Soul Vol 7

The latest volume in this series continues dropping soul bombs. This one counts with The Shaparells' sweet cover of "Come Back" (Five Stair Steps tune) that was released on 45 by Bennett Enterprise Recording Co. and does not come up very often for sale. Other highlights include "Many Times I Cried" by Charles Swain And The Liberation, "I'm Not Sure" by The Atos (killer kiddie soul), "The Walk Back" by The Beachers (Panama soul treat) and "Saying Goodbye" by Little Francisco Greaves (another Panamanian soul gem). Tracks taken directly from vinyl sources so you will get sound anomalies associated with rare vinyl. A must have for the sweet soul aficionado.
9 out of 10

Recycled Soul

Not your usual soul ballad compilation, most tracks are a bit more upbeat to get you feet moving. A massive collection with some known cuts and others only seasoned soul fans will recognize. There is no track list so you will have to take the risk (well worth it). Highlights include tracks by Calvin And The Catamounts, Bobbie Knight And The Universal Lady, Earnest Bolden, The Ultimates. The Day-Tons, Michael Washington, The Equations, Oliver Cheatham, The Vals and a couple nice retro sound cuts by Pratt & Moody and Fat Night.
8 out of 10

De-Liteful And Soulful Mellow Mover

Mellow treasures in the release include "Please Baby Please" by The New Cymbals, "If I Should Ever" by Richmond International, "Another Man's Woman" by The Electras, "What Is Living" by The Exceptionals, "I've Been Trying" by Reggie Saddler Revue and "It's Gotta Be Love" by The Trumains. Solid sound quality. A recommended addition to your soul music collection.
6 out of 10

Black Gold Sought After Soul

Mainly northern movers on this 2 disc release with a few tracks sprinkled in that hit that "soulero" spot. Highlights include "Oh, You Sweet Darling" by The Equations, "Clinton Park" by Master Plan, "Sweet Memories" by Robert Tanner & The New Sounds, "Where Is The Love" by Glen Miller, "Tell Me Your Name" by The New Sounds and "One Chance" by Communicators And Black Experience Band. Top notch sound quality and good liner notes.
6 out of 10

Louie Ramirez

Killer Latin soul tune "What Can I Do" is the bright spot on this CD. If you dig the sounds of The Sweeter Side Of Latin Soul compilations you will enjoy this one.
4 out of 10

L.A. Area Collection Vol. 1

I had to own this one just for "Let's Get Together" by Marvin & Johnny which is not on their other compilations on the Specialty or Ace Records labels. Other notable tracks by this duo include "Under Your Spell", "Time Brings About A Change" and "Priceless Love". As for Sonny Knight or The Outsiders, no nice ballads that I can note as standouts.
4 out of 10

Deep & Gritty: The Sound Of The City Vol. 8: Detroit Part Two

No plans to compete this collection any time soon, so here goes my take on vol. 8. Bought this one only for "Yea Yea Yea Yea" by The Two Fellows which was originally released on the Mutt label and is as solid as they come. The balance is rare deep soul that you don't see much on other compilations.
5 out of 10

Dusty & Forgotten

Highlights on this release include "A Fool Was I" and "Don't Say Goodbye" by The Veltones and "Hiding My Tears With A Smile" by The Clickettes. The rest is early R&B that does not play big among the west coast soul circles. Very good sound quality on top picks.
4 out of 10

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Underground Oldies Gold

Taking a page from the original East Side Story comps, ITP releases their 3 CD Gold series. While ESS mixed it up a little by adding tracks not on their original comps, ITP took tracks from the original Underground oldies releases plus a few others, like Chicanos Explode in Concert and Soul Grooves plus a handful of re-sung tracks which I am not a big fan off, to compile their gold release. Solid tracks by The Natural resources, The Attractions, The Superbs, The Sinceres and Entertainers IV. Nice collection if you don't own other ITP releases and don't mind re-sung material.
4 out of 10