Friday, August 31, 2018

Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities

As the title implies, most tracks are upbeat northern soul. A few have appeared in various soul compilations such s "Wrong, Wrong, Wrong" by Ray And Dave and "It Ain't No Achievement" by The Millionaires. Other notable tracks include "Little Boy" by Carla Thomas, "Lost In A City" by The Vows and "Cry In The Arms Of Another Love" by Andre Scott with Jessie, Otis & Shotgun. Top notch sound quality as always with Ace Records' releases.
5 out of 10

The Impressions

Main reason for picking this one up is for the sweet soul jam, "This Love's For Real". A killer tune that plays right into the lowrider sound. Other notable tracks include "Can't You See" and "Say You Love Me". Excellent sound quality and can be found at a decent price.
6 out of 10

Odds & Ends

Standout and reason for my purchase, is "(Give Me A) Chance" by The Pharotones. The tracks by The Excels and Bruce Marvello & The Red Coats are also decent but rest of the material I skipped through rather quickly. Sound quality varies as expected with such rare recordings.
4 out of 10

The Rare Record Collection

Pretty good batch of long forgotten Doo Wop tracks with very good sound quality. Highlights include "I Found You" by The Metrics, "Maybe" by The Shawlettes, "The Only One (Is You)" by The Starbounds, "My Love Let Me Down" by The The Trutones" and "I Love You So" by The Kittens. A solid addition to the Doo Wop library. Sweet soul seekers might want to skip this one.
5 out of 10

Sly Stone

An interesting look at early Sly Stone recordings starting in the mid 1950's. Highlights include "Since You've Been Gone", "Heavenly Angel", "Long Time Alone" and "Yellow Moon". Nice pick up if you are a big fan of Sly Stone. If not, leave this one for the Doo Wop fans.
4 out of 10