Friday, January 31, 2020

Prime Time Oldies Vol. 7

Before anyone asks, the answer is NO. I will not post the back cover or note down complete track information, you will have to trust me that the CD is a must have. This volume contains a mother load of sweet soul that will melt your ears. It is an all female vocal compilation of Doo Wop and sweet soul tracks. Artists include The Mar-J's, Tracey Levett, The Four Jewels, The Petites and many others totaling 18 tracks. Check out my Instagram page for a few samples off of this CD and info on where to buy.
9 out of 10

Lynwood Soul Vol. 9

This set kicks off with "My Love" by The Entramations" which alone is more that worth the CD price. Other notable tracks include "Girl" by Ray Johnson, "Stop" by The Del-Tones Ltd., and "The Magician" by The Praytells. Only set back for me is the couple of gospel and Spanish tracks mixed in, just not my preference to mix genres like this. Sound quality varies but not too bad considering the rarity of the tracks.
7 out of 10

Gangster's Dedications Vol. 7

Latest chapter this the Gangster Dedication series keep bringing some serious soul heat to you ears. Highlight include "Once Upon A Time" by Johnny Wyatt, "A Loser's Game" by Heart And Soul Ltd., "Thanks To You" by Judy McDonald And The Mellowettes and "Change Your Mind" by Billy Jones And The Stars. A few repeats but still a solid pick up.
8 out of 10

From The Oldside Vol. 2

Another solid dose of Doo Wop rarities straight from the original issue vinyl records. Highloight include "Lovey Dovey Pair" by The Three Playmates, "Crying Over You" by The Cruisers, "You Are My Sweetheat" by The Bobbettes, "Once Upon A Time" by Robert And Bobby plus many more. A must have for any serious Doo Wop fan. Sound quality varies.
9 out of 10

Candace Love

Beautiful sweet soul tracks by this Chicago native. The collection includes the tracks "I Want To Get Back" and "That's How It Is" she recorded as part of Woman. Other highlights include "Never In A Million Years" and the mono version of "I Want To Get Back". Solid addition to your soul music library.
6 out of 10

Sweet Soul Ballads

Odd ball release with mostly known rare soul tracks. My reason for picking up this one was "Glow" by The Supremes. Sound quality varies.
5 out of 10

The Chi-Lites

If you get the two volume set on Brunswick or even the three disc set and you will be set with all of the material on this group. I will not list the highlights as most know what they are. I would say the CD "Origins Of" was not worth the pick up as the sound quality varies.
6 out of 10

The Magnificent Men

Killer blue eyed soul track "Won't You Let Me Know" by The Del Chords is included in this CD. The rest of the tracks, for the most part, fall far short of hitting the Del Chords' level.
4 out of 10

The Lovelites / The Fuzz

The 3 released based on The Lovelites and The Fuzz. The Danny Boy release is the original and close to impossible to find an original pressing of. The best release is the top one on Latin Soul Recordings as it contains best overall tracks and sound quality. A must for any female sweet soul fan.
8 out of 10

Roots: Rhythm And Blues

The Queenettes' cover of "Maybe" is the sole standout on this release. Not much on packaging but very rare R&B recordings.
5 out of 10