Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The 1900 Sampler

Nice promo box set from the folks at Numero Group. The sound quality is very good as usual. This one is a mix of genres and decades. I have yet to listen the the 90s CD. I only enjoyed Orville Shannon's "Oh Lover" on the 80s CD. The 70s CD contains "Guess I Already Know" by Love Apple and "Let's Be Friends" by Edge Of Darkness. The main reason for this purchase is on the 60s CD with "Girl I Can't Forget" by legendary Texas band The Royal Jesters. Other notables on this portion are "Why Oh Why" by Little Alice, "I Won't Love You Again" by Dimas III, "It's A New Day" by The Sensations and "Hey It's Love" by The Commands. If you enjoy instrumentals "Daydream" by Dino And The Del-Tones is very nice.
6 out of 10

Archie Bell And The Drells

This is the latest CD featuring Archie Bell And The Drells and the first to include "Girls Grow Faster Than Boys". Other highlights are the same, "Love Will Rain On You", "I Just Want To Fall In Love" and "Just A Little Closer".
5 out of 10

The Intruders & Friends

At time of release I thought this one would surely yield a couple of good ballads by The Intruders. I was way off as the best track by far is "Pretty One" by The Masters. That track is solid but not enough to give this release a higher rating.
2 out of 10

Super Duper Love

A few mellow 70's soul cuts by Chocolate Syrup, Special Delivery, The Dramatics and Darlene Jackson. Excellent sound quality.
4 out of 10.

Soul Gems

First track "I Bet You" by Universal Mind set the bar high and out of reach for the rest of the material. A couple of decent southern soul tear-jerkers in "Don't Take It So hard" by Earl "King" Connolly and "Why Does A Man Have To Cry" by Eddie King are also included. Best to pick up the Universal Mind track on Lost Soul Oldies Vol. 7.
3 out of 10

Uptown Soul & Funk From The Nashville Indies

Outstanding jam in "I Hear A Melody" by Spice Of Life is included in this released. A few more good tracks by The Avons, Peggy Gaines and Thomas Henry then the rest is upbeat and or a bit too modern for my listening pleasure. If the Spice Of Life track is all you are after then best you pick it up on Lost Soul Oldies Vol. 13. Nice clean sound quality.
4 out of 10

Detroit Undercover

Mainly upbeat movers on this release featuring rare Detroit area soul. Highlights are "Find A Love" by The Gambrells, "Magic Corner" by Belita Woods", "Giving Up Your Love" by The Twenty Grand and "It's OK With Me" by Larry Wright.
4 out of 10

Clarence Reid

Clarence Reid (AKA Blowfly) cut some nice southern soul jams such as "I Wish It Were Me", "Something Special About My Baby" and "I'm Sorry Baby" before going raunchy. This is one of his first LP releases reissued in CD format.
5 out of 10

Nathaniel Mayer

"Hurting Love", "I Want A Woman", "My Last Dance With You", and "I'm Not Gonna Cry" from this Detroit area artist are the top picks on this CD. A good pick up for those fans of the early Motor-Town sound.
5 out of 10

Shreveport Southern Soul....The Murco Story

A couple of strong tracks by Reuben Bell and with The Casanovas, "It's Too Late" and "It's Not That Easy" made this a good pick up for me. Other notable tracks by Dori Grayson and Abe & Marion Ester & The Casanovas.
4 out of 10

Sound Experience

A couple of laid back 70's ballads in "You Don't Know What You're Doing" and "He Don't Really Love You" are the highlights here. Not strong enough for me to say they belong in your music collection.
2 out of 10

One Of These Days, The Anna Records Story

Hidden gems here in "Everytime" and "Everything About You" by Ty Hunter And The Voice Masters. Early R&B sounds from the Detroit area that I found myself skipping through rather quickly.
3 out of 10

Billy And The Essentials

I picked this one up based on price hoping not to get a CD full of pop music. A couple of decent ballads but not enough for me to recommend you pick up unless you enjoy the pop sounds of the era. Sound quality varies.
2 out of 10

Motortown Uncovered

The first time I saw Marvin Gaye's take on "5-10-15-20-25-30 (Years Of Love)" was on volume 2 of this collection. I just had to have it then. High points are all volume 2 as I really did not find much that caught my attention at all on the first volume.
4 out of 10

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dancetime USA

A couple of tracks by Bob And Earl that have that deep soul sound that brings to mind Sam And Dave, drove this pick up. Highlights are "I'll Keep Running Back" and "Send For Me, I'll Be There".
3 out of 10

Freddie Scott

Soul sounds that are aimed more towards the mainstream crowds of the time. "Hey Girl" was his biggest hit and is the best track on this CD.
2 out of 10

The Elegants

The Elegants struck gold with their cover of the nursery rhyme "Little Star". The biggest reason for my picking this one up was for "Get Well Soon" which sounds very familiar to "Come Home Soon" by The Intruders. Part of Doo Wop history that belongs in the music collection of every fan of the genre.
4 out of 10

Jivin' Gene And The Jokers

The title track plus "Going Out With The Tide" are the highlight ballads here. If you dig the sounds of Sunny Ozuna then you will enjoy this CD.
3 out of 10