Saturday, July 25, 2015

* NEW * Lynwood Soul 3

An absolute must have for the sweet soul fan. This volume is packed with rare, high dollar sweet soul that you just won't find anywhere else. Contained here are the A & B sides of a killer 45 by The Tridels that alone will set you back over $1,000. A few repeats but the new to CD's tracks are among the rarest you can find. Every song is straight from vinyl so there will be some sound quality variations. Highlights by Los Invasores (a little taste of Panamanian soul at it's finest), Kitty And Her Kats, The Emanons and Little Ty And Soul Suspension.
10 out of 10

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dore L.A. Soul Sides 2

"I Want You" by Dee Torres made this a must have for me. Other notable tracks are all repeats, "My Pillow" by The Darlings, "As I Sit Here" by The Whispers and "I Wanna Chance" by The Vows. Always top notch sound quality and liner notes from the kind folks at Ace Records.
5 out of 10

Manhattan Soul

Three good cuts on the second volume of this series. "Lonely Weatherman" by The Premiers, "Kiss And Make Up" by The Inspirations and "I Gotta Keep My Bluff In" by Freddie Hughes.
3 out of 10

The Soul Of Spring

Upbeat northern soul with a few ballads here and there in this compilation. Highlights include "You Make Me Feel Good" by Equations, "Time" by Don Williams And The Exchange, and "Baby (There's Nothing You Can Do)" by The Joneses.
3 out of 10

The One-Derful! Collection: M-Pac! Records

I waited on picking this one up until I could spot for a good price. The only track worth mentioning for the lowrider crowd is "Let's Start Over" by The Ringleaders which is available on other compilations. You will not miss much passing this one up.
1 out of 10

Fuhrman The Vermin

The price was just too low to ignore and pass up. The good tracks are all repeats, "A Million Miles To Paradise" He's An Aries Man" and "When They Ask About You".
1 out of 10

The Soul Of Wisconsin

Highlights include "On A Little Island" by The Enchanters, "Beware Beware" and "Borrow Till Morning", by The Compliments, "I Made A Change" and "I'll Take A Chance On You" by The The Inspirations and "Forever" by The Mar-J's. I have yet to pick up the fourth volume but after volume 3 yielded little to no nice material, I am in no hurry to pick up. Sound quality varies.
3 out of 10

Girls Of Golden World

This was a mistake, all upbeat. 1 out of 10

Dale And Grace

Besides their big hit "I'm Leaving It Up To You" other notable tracks are "Stop And Think It Over", "Our Teenage Love" and "What's Happening To Me". These are ballads that lean more on the pop side rather than R&B. If only soul is your thing skip this one. Sound quality varies.
4 out of 10

Confidential Doo Wop

If you do not mind all the pop and upbeat material this 10 volume compilation brings to light some truly rare Doo Wop ballads. Highlights include "Darling I'll Be True" by The Interludes, "Park Your Love" by The Five Notes, "How Long Will It Last" by The Kingpins, "It's Been So Long" by The Leaping Flames, "This My Love" by the Neptunes, "Five Minutes More" by The Covinas, "Darling Of Mine" by The Downbeats, "What Do I Mean To You", by Rosemary And The Rosebuds, "I'm Going To Cry" by The Corvetts, "Crack Up Laughing" by The O'Jays, "Dear Someone" by The Rock-A-Fellas and "I'm Coming Home" by The De-Lights. Sound quality varies.
4 out of 10

Herb Abramson's Festival Of Groups

Single highlight here, "Dreaming" by The Universals.
1 out of 10

The Vinny Catalano Story

Hit the skip button many times through this compilation to get to the few nice cuts. Highlights are "A Million And One Dreams" by The Bel-Larks, "Gift Of Love" by The Van Dykes and "Your Name And Mine" by The Acorns. Sound quality varies.
3 out of 10