Friday, September 30, 2016

Gene And Eddie

A few tracks that really tug at the heart on this CD. Big standout for me is "It's So Hard". Both versions included are top notch! Other good tracks include "Why Do You Hurt Me", "Let Me Go Easy", "I Would Cry", "Baby, I'd Drop Everything" and "Darling I Love You". A very good package with liner notes for a little glimpse at their musical career. Nice clean sound, highly recommended.
8 out of 10

Freddie Waters

Very nice deep soul ballad in "Love Is A Strange Thing" is well worth the pick up. Other notable tracks are "Nobody Knows" and "Love Is A Two Way Thing". It you like rare, deep soul this one is for you. This release includes tracks cut in the late 60's through the early 80's. Sound quality varies on a couple modern soul cuts.
5 out of 10

Low & Slow

The people who put this series together did a couple of things that, at least for me, really bring down their project. First they used a few re-recorded versions without clearly stating so, I very much dislike that. Second they mixed English and Spanish tracks. I enjoy sweet, soulful ballads in Spanish from this time period but that should be a separate CD. Good tracks by The Topics, The Whispers, The Brothers Of Soul, Love, Charmaine and Lovehorn. Nothing really rare for the seasoned collector.
3 out of 10

Tax Scam Funk & Boogie

The hook that got me here was the sweet jam "Hide And Seek" by Natural Experience. That track well covered the price of this CD. The rest is mainly funk as implied in the title.
4 out of 10

Eccentric Soul, After School Special: The 123s Of Kid Soul

This second dip into kiddie soul on the Numero Group label falls a bit short when compared to the first installment, ABCs Of Kid Soul. Nice cuts by Brighter Side Of Darkness and The Bennett's. The rest is upbeat material.
3 out of 10

Troubles, Heartaches & Sadness

Nice deep soul female cuts by The Imported Moods, Ann Peebles, The Known Facts and Jean Plum. If you dig Al Green's music you will surely enjoy this CD.
5 out of 10

Sanctified Soul

A few good ballads on this release by the folks at Ace Records. Mainly in the deep soul mode with the exception of one of my all time favorites in "You Mean So Much To Me" by The Mad Lads. Other highlights include "Love Have Mercy" by Mike Williams & The Tempest Band and "Get It Over" by Ben & Spence.
4 out of 10

The Elgins

Besides the obvious classic "Darling Baby" other notable tracks included are "It's Been A Long Long Time", "When You Are Available" and "Your Baby's Back" as The Downbeats. A very good look into this groups recording history. Classic Motown sound with very good sound quality.
5 out of 10

Pearl Woods

I found this one in a bargain bin and looked up a couple of tracks. At that time they sounded decent and price was good so I grabbed it. After playing and listening through it I realized why it was in the bargain bin. Turned out to be too much pop for my ears.
1 out of 10

Constellation Of Rhythm & Blues

Only a couple of decent ballads on this release, "You Lied" by The Freedoms and "She's Got Everything" by The Mystics. The rest of the material is more pop or upbeat.
3 out of 10

Constellation Of Chicago Soul

At the time of purchase this was one of the first legit compilations out there with Holly Maxwell's "Only When You're Lonely". Other tracks worth mention include "Baby, Baby" by Sonny Holiday, "Come Home I'm Lonely" by Gerri Taylor and "Baby, Think It Over" by The Peaches.
5 out of 10

Windy City Doo Wop To Soul

A few nice ballads included in this two volume set featuring rare recordings from the Chicago area. Highlights include tracks by The Condors, Henry Ford And The Gifts, The Four Gents, The Vondels and The Strollers and very good track in "Sometimes Baby" by an unknown group. Recommended for the Doo Wop or early R&B fan. Sound quality varies quite a bit.
5 out of 10

The Golden Era Of Doowops, V-Tone Records

An outstanding ballad included on this CD, "Crying Over You" by The Cruisers, made this one a must have for me. Other highlights include "Heavenly" by The Tremaines, "If I Knew" by The Cruisers and "Time" by Dreamlovers. A must for any serious Doo Wop fan. Very good sound quality.
6 out of 10

The Cadillacs

You can't be a Doo wop fan and not have any music by The Cadillacs. Their claim to fame was on upbeat numbers but they did cut a few nice ballads. Highlights include "Let Me Explain", "Sympathy", "Broken Heart" and "You Are". This one is best left to the serious Doo Wop fans to truly appreciate.
5 out of 10

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rabbit Town Soul Vol. 2

Not many CD's out there that I can say right off the get go to skip, this one is one of those. One can't help to feel ripped off after playing this CD. It is full of repeats, MP3 burns, YouTube downloads, crappy sound quality.........a new low for a label that is already at the bottom of my list. I usually wait to post at the end of the month but needed to bring this mess to light for those thinking about picking up. If you do pick up and think the sound quality is good listen to the Mike Williams track on this CD then on the Ace Records' CD called Sanctified Soul, huge difference in sound quality. If you still think this is made up them check out The Trells's track on YouTube, exact same pops and cracks you will hear on this CD.
1 out of 10