Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Whatnauts

One of the super soul groups from the 70's! The recently released two disc compilation is a very good pick up as it contains some of the nice tracks available on their Corruption CD that you would be hard pressed to find, even used for under $50. If you are reading this then you know their material so no need to state any highlights.
8 out of 10

Black Ivory

Latest release featuring this sweet soul group. Highlights include "Don't Turn Around", "Baby, Won't You Change Your Mind", "Will We Ever Come Together" and others that have become pretty standard within the west coast lowrider communities. Very good sound quality. If you do not own any Black Ivory music then this is the one to buy.
5 out of 10

Ruby Johnson Meets Pearl Reaves

A couple of nice tracks on this release by Ruby Johnson, "Here I Go Again" and "I Can't Do It". Nothing else stood up as much as these two tracks.
3 out of 10

A Sweet Taste Of Westbound Records

By far the best track here is "What Am I Gonna Do" by The Houston Outlaws. The rest of the material was not real sweet. Recommend you pick up The Houston Outlaws track on one of the other compilations available out there with it.
1 out of 10

Growin' Up Too Fast

One and done on this release for me. I picked up solely for "Can't He Take A Hint" by Kenni Woods. The rest is mainstream pop that I just can't get into.
1 out of 10

Music City

The tracks by The Crescendos alone make this a very good pick up. Highlights include "My Heart's Desire", "Scheming", "I Don't Mind", "Take My Heart" and "Your True Love Is Standing by (aka Dry Your Eyes)" by The Crescendos, "Romantic Memories"  and "Tell Me Darling" by The Gaylarks, "Whole Lot Of Love" by The Rovers and "Lil' Girl Of My Dreams" by The Five Swans. A must have for those who dig west coast harmonies.
6 out of 10

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Golden Era Of Doo Wops: Red Robin Records

It will take a serious Doo Wop fan to truly appreciate the tracks included in this compilation. Casual fans are better off leave this one alone. Highlights include "I" by The Velvets, "Is It A Dream" by The Vocaleers, "True Love" and "Dear One" by The Scarlets and "Lucky Star" and "One More Chance" by Charles And Carl.
5 out of 10

Golden Era Of Doo Wops: Len Records

"Say You Love Me" by Little Jimmy And The Tops was the main driver for me picking this CD up. Only a couple of other nice tracks by The Marquees and Herb Johnson and The Cruisers included.
4 out of 10

Golden Era Of Doo Wops: Everlast Records

A couple of outstanding tracks kick off this collection, the classic "Deserie" by The Charts and the killer tune "Hey Pretty Baby" by The Ladders. Other Notable tracks include "You're The Reason" ans "Why Do You Cry" by The Charts, "Voices Of Love" by Kings And Queens, "The Night Is Quiet" by The Vocaleers and "One Love" by The Logics. A must for the devoted Doo Wop fans.
5 out of 10

Golden Era Of Doo Wops: Standord Records

Classics by The Five Satins as well as some forgotten tracks such as "My Love" by The Revlons, "I'm So Blue" by The Chestnuts. Leave this one for the devoted Doo Wop fans.
4 out of 10

Golden Era Of Doo Wops: Beltone Records

Standards by The Jive Five and some very good and rare tracks such as "In The Night" by The Sydells, "I Know" by Johnny And The Jokers", "Lover's Reunion" by The The Dontells and "Valerie" by The Leopards. Solid addition to the Doo Wop collection.
5 out of 10

Golden Era Of Doo Wops: Klik Records

"The Bells" by The Berets, "Your Tender Lips" by The Syncopates and "I fell In Love" by The Rajahs were my favorites on this release. Rest of the material leans too far to the pop side for me.
4 out of 10

The Best Of Teenage And Nestor Records

My top ticks on this release are "Just Before You Leave" by The Dolls, "Take Me As I Am" by The Demens, "Angels Cried" by Isley Brothers and "There Goes That Train" by The Trebelaires. Nice and rare tracks, recommended for the devoted Doo Wop fans.
5 out of 10

Andre Williams

A nice look into the early R&B sides of Andre Williams on the Fortune label out of Detroit. Mainly upbeat or bluesy numbers. Nice ballads include "My Tears", "Just Because Of A Kiss" and "Just Because".
3 out out 10

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Premier Doo-Wop

Standard tracks by The Blue Jays, The Danleers, The Charts and other well known groups from the era. Very good sound quality. A decent starting point for a new Doo Wop fan.
4 out of 10