Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Best Of Red Top Records

A nice batch of ballads included in this two volume set. Standouts include "What Am I To Do", "Down The Aisle Of Love", "I Watch The Stars" and "There'll Be No Sorrow" by The Quintones, "Mommies Gone" and "Someday" by Donnie Elbert, "School Girl In Love" and "You're My Lover" by The Sharmeers. 
5 out of 10 

The Best Of Angletone Records

Solid Doo Wop ballads in "One More Step" and "Tender Love" by the Chanderliers and "Darling" by The Christaliers made this one a pleasant addition to my music library.
4 out of 10

Group Gold Vol. 2

It took it me a good while to pick this one up mainly because of asking prices and knowing the amount of nice ballads is limited. "Once Upon A Time" by The Top Hits, "Why Don't You Write Me" by The Cardinals and "I'll Try" by Roberta And Lucees are my top picks. Decent sound quality all the way through. Another to leave to the dedicated Doo Wop fans.
5 out of 10

Doo-Wop Dedications To The 1950's Girls

"My Diane" by The Charts, "Dear Lorraine" by The Federals and "Rosa" by The 4 Belaires are the standouts on this compilation.
3 out of 10

Itty Bitty Treasure Chest

A nice collection focused on early R&B from Detroit. The set contains a couple of hidden gems in "I Don't Want To Cry" by Richard Smith And Group and "Your Star" by Gene Allison And The Jeanettes that play right into the kind of sounds that are big on the west coast. Also worth a mention are "Maybe" by The Utopias, "You Came Along" by The Royal Jokers, "Valley Of Tears" by The Destinations, "Street Of Loneliness" by The Hi Fidelities, "Wear My Ring" by The Creators and "Girl Of Mine" by The El Capris. Sound quality varies.
4 out of 10

$10,000 Worth Of Doo Wop!

A killer mellow ballad in "My Life's Desire" by The Verdicts for me, justified this pick up. Other note worthy tracks include "My Love" by The Revalons, "Can I Come Over Tonight" by The Velours and "Crying For You" by Centuries. Leave this one to the Doo Wop fans.
5 out of 10

Golden Era Of Doo Wops: Holiday Records

"I Want To Know" by The Ladders was what drew me to this CD. Other notable tracks include "Baby" by The Bop Chords and "United" by The Love Notes. A good pick up for fans of the New York City Doo Wop sounds of the mid 1950's.
4 out of 10

Golden Era Of Doo Wops: Johnson Records

Standard Doo Wop tracks by The Shells and The Dubs make up most of the tracks list. A few nice and a bit more obscure tracks sucks as "Cry Baby Cry" by Little Nate And The Chryslers, "Don't Cry" by Cleo And The Crystaliers and "Lost Lover" by The Cameos are also included. Solid addition to the dedicated Doo Wop fans' collection.
5 out of 10

Golden Era Of Doo Wops: Joyce Records

Nice ballads in "I Love You" and "You Left Me" by The Gaytunes, "Everybody Knew But Me" by The Crescents and "Dream Girl" by The Love Notes. Recommended for those who really like early R&B sounds.
4 out of 10

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Soulseekers Take One

A solid selection of rare soul tracks that play loud and proud among California's vinyl collectors. Highlights include the tracks by Jimmy Dockett, Lacy Rideell, Billy Bass, The Dynamic Concepts, Dawn And Sunset and C. Alexander. Recorded directly from vinyl sources so expect usual anomalies. A must have for the soul music collector. Look up my Instagram post for information on who to contact to acquire.
10 out of 10