Tuesday, December 30, 2014

South Central Gangster Oldies

An underground release with more than a fair share of sweet soul. The sounds are mostly 70's but with a few dips into the 60's and 80's. Highlights include "It's So Easy To Be Mislead" by The Numonics, "Bless The Day" by Charisma, "The Love I Need" by Ruby Andrews, "Where There's A Way" by Timeless Legend, "Hey Love, I'm For Real" by Me, You And Him, "Tell Me You Love Me" by Bennie Conn and "Heaven Only Knows" by The Soul Generation.
9 out of 10

The Essential Sweet Soul Selection

A release devoted entirely to sweet soul, just the way I like them. Most all tracks here are now available in numerous other releases. Highlights include the tracks by The Heartbreakers, Haze, The Enchanting Enchanters and many others. Even though an effort was made to remaster these tracks you will still hear a fair share of crackles and pops throughout the CD.
8 out of 10

George Jackson

For a while I kept passing up George Jackson's material until a fellow collector lead me to "Let's Stop Hurting Each Other". That is one solid soul cut! For my liking nothing else came close on this CD to above mentioned track.
3 out of 10

Hearts Of Stone

This was like picking a good 45 knowing you will only get one nice track. "One Day" is the sole standout here.
4 out of 10

The Brief Encounter

Oh how I wish we would get treated to a CD release of their earlier material. P-Vine did an LP release but unfortunately did not issue it on CD. If you like mellow 70's soul then you will enjoy "Loving And Caring", "Visions" and "In A Special kind Of Way".
5 out of 10

Billy Butler And Infinity

Mellow soul by the lesser known Butler brother. Highlights include "I Don't Want To Lose You", I'm So Hung Up On You" and "Now You Know".
5 out of 10


I went in blind on this one as I had no clue who these guys where. Luckily some nice slow jams came out of the risk. Highlights are "You Are So Wonderful", "Without You" and "Now I Know".
5 out of 10

Special Delivery

Highlights on this release are "Oh Let Me Know It", "Your Love Is My Love Song" and "You Say". Recommended addition to you sweet soul collection.
6 out of 10

The Coalitions

A few solid soul jams such as "I'm Your Gentleman", "Colour Me Blue" and "I Thank God" in this CD that is now becoming hard to find. If you dig late 70's soul jams this one won't disappoint.
5 out of 10


Mugo is one of those obscure funk groups that had an exceptionally good slow jam. The standout track here is "Love Is Gone" followed up by "How Time Fly's". Recommended addition to your soul library.
5 out of 10

Heaven And Earth

"How Do You Think You're Gonna Find Love" is well worth the price of this CD. "Distant Melody" is not as strong but is a nice slow jam.
5 out of 10

Smokey Robinson

Hands down a must have for any soul music collection. No need to list highlights when it comes this this musical genius.
7 out of 10

Lou Ragland


One very good jam in "What The Doctor Prescribed" drove this pick up. Other notable tracks include "I Didn't Mean To Leave You", "We Had True Love" and "What Should I Do". 
5 out of 10

The Jamie / Guyden Story

At the time of its release this CD contained some very nice tracks that were yet to be available elsewhere. Highlights include the standards by Barbara Mason, Brenda And The Tabulations, Barbara Lynn and The Heartbeats plus more obscure tracks such as "I Really Love You" by The Ambassadors, "Tell Me" by The Ethics and "Let Me Be Your Man" by Tyrone Ashley. You will have to go through a bit of pop tracks to get to these goodies.
5 out of 10

The Sultans Of Soul

The main reason for this pick up was "The One Who's Hurting (Is You)" by Roy And The Dew Drops. The New Bloods track is nice, you will surely enjoy if you dig the sounds of Sam and Dave.
3 out of 10

Swan's Soul Sides

Besides "Who Do You Love" by The Sapphires this one is packed with up beat numbers. Good pick up for the northern soul fan but not one seeking sweet soul.
2 out of 10

Conquer The World

Only a couple of good soul jams here in "Love Is Here" by The Futures and "Makin' Up Time" by Frankie And The Spindles.
3 out of 10

Saturday, December 6, 2014

* NEW * We Got A Sweet Thing Going On

Here is December's first post, just released CD from Soul Junction Records. This CD contains some rare killer sweet soul tracks that make it a must for your collection. Highlights include "The Girl Next Door" and "Stop, Let Your Heart Be Your Guide" by The Mansion, "You're The One" by The Candi-Bars, "We Got A Thing Going On" by The Trey J's, "In The Book Of Guiness" by Elbowed Out, "Colour Me Blue" by The Coalitions and "Kiss Of Fire" by The Hopkins Bros. Excellent sound quality and plenty of liner notes to give us a glimpse into these forgotten artists.
9 out of 10