Tuesday, May 31, 2016

* NEW * Rabbit Town Soul

Stand out track here for me is "Blue Lady" by The Soul Explosion Band which is well worth the price of the CD as the 45 will run you $70+ depending on condition. Other highlights include tracks by Vernon Steve Weakly, The Duponts, The Fourth Session and Donny Mann. More than a fair share of repeats, sound quality varies (likely due to use of compressed files).
5 out of 10

Time Served

Blink and you will miss picking up these very limited release CD's. Sweet soul jams by The Magic Tones, First Class, Magic Touch, The New Creation, The Whatnauts and others. A very good addition to your soul music library. I kicked the rating down one due to the number of repeats.
7 out of 10

Chicano Legacy

Solid sweet soul jams in this release make it highly recommended. Highlights include "Why Must I Cry" by 7 Days Unlimited, "I'm Glad" by Jimmy Jones, "Step Into My World" by Spaded Jade, "Be True To Me" by Clockwork, "Something Deep Inside" by The Beachers and "Some Very Hard Times" by The TNT Band. Sound quality varies on a few tracks.
8 out of 10

Deep / Deeper In The Philly Groove

Nice sweet cuts by Nat Turner Rebellion, The Crusaders, Mary Holmes, The Finishing Touch, The Quickest Way Out and of course The Delfonics. Excellent sound quality.
5 out of 10.

Soulful Moments

Nice tracks here from The Soul Generation, The Topics, The Corner Gang, 1619 Bad Ass Band and The Philly Devotions. Recommended for those who appreciated 70's slow jams.
6 out of 10

Barry White Unlimited

An impressive package with a book, DVD and 4 discs, tons of material! A great addition for those who love 70's slow jams. Highlights, besides the well known tracks by Barry White, are "What's Your Sign Girl" by Danny Pearson, "Have A Nice Weekend Baby" by Tom Brock, "How I Wish We Could Do It Again" by Black Satin, "I Belong To You" and "Walking In The Rain With The One I Love" by Love Unlimited and "Falling In Love Is A No No" by Westwing.
6 out of 10

P&P Records Hits Hits Hits

A massive compilation of mostly old school / early rap tracks from the New York City area with few hidden sweet soul gems. Highlights include "Only September" by Wild Honey, "Hey Love, I'm For Real" by Me, You & Him, "You Gave Me Love" and "Why Can't Our Love Be Like It Was Before" by Oral Caress.
4 out of 10

Vitamin E

Two very nice sweet jams in "Sharing" and "Last Night" on this CD. If you are heavy unto late 70's soul this one is for you.
4 out of 10

Dream Merchant

When I was getting deeper into soul music having this collection on LP, The original East Side Story and the two Hey Love LP's set you in front of the soul pack. The CD here represents only the first LP from this collection. Standard, well known soul classics. I have not seen this one available for some years now.
4 out of 10.

East L.A. Most Requested

Here is a series that has been around for many years, first on tape then the update to CD. All standard tracks throughout the whole set. The volume 3 which is out now is far different than the original that is no longer available.
4 out of 10

Monday Night Oldies

A recommended pick up for someone who is just beginning their soul music journey. All repeats, sound quality varies.
3 out of 10

Back In The Day Oldies

This is is for the novice, occasional soul fan. It can be found at a decent price and sound quality is good. All repeats therefore, unless you new to this genre, chances are you will pass it up.
3 out of 10

I Will Always Be There For You

The good tracks on this release are available in many other comps with better track selections. Nothing new so you can skip this one.
1 out of 10

The 18 Best Super Love Jams

I am not sure what was the reason for putting this compilation together as it is a reshuffle of material on other ITP Records releases. Seems like the soul well at ITP is running a bit dry.
2 out of 10