Thursday, May 30, 2019

Mr. Sleeps Rare Soul

This comp is bursting with sweet soul, some common and some you hardly ever hear. Highlights include an alternate take on "I'm Not Gonna Be Anybody's Fool" by Harlem Meat Company, "Stop Trying To Make A Fool Of Me" by The Emanons, "I Wonder If I Had Your Love" by Leroy Smith, "Let Me Be The Man" by The Fabulous Verbs and "A Friend Of A Friend" by The Dynamics. Solid addition to the sweet soul collection. Sound quality varies.
9 out of 10

From The Old Side Doo Wop

A refreshing splash of Doo Wop tunes put together by seasoned collectors from the west coast where the sea of sweet soul reins supreme. Always a pleasure for me to relax to these tunes and get back to soul's roots. All tracks taken directly from original vinyl sources therefore you will hear associated anomalies. Highlights include "Mine And Mine Alone" by The Angelettes, "Come Back" by Tony Allen, "Florence Don't Leave Me" by The Paragons and "Boo Hoo Hoo" by The Atlantics. Very limited release so don't let it pass you by.
8 out of 10

Glo's Soul Oldies Vol. 5

Recently released new addition to this series. Like with prior volumes the song selection is good but as far as bringing something rare and new to CD, it just ins't there. Pretty much standard soul tracks for most collectors. A nice pick up for those that do not have a vast collection.
6 out of 10

Wardell Quezerque Sixty Smokin' Soul Senders

I picked this one up solely for "And Now" The Jades and was I ever disappointed. The sound quality is poor on this comp. Best getting on the Rarest Of The Rare Soul Harmony volume 1.
1 out of 10 

You Better Believe It!

Monster sweet soul ballad in "Girl, You Know That I Love You" by The Hypnotics stands tall on this 2 volume compilation. Other notable tracks include "If You Do Love Me" by The Duponts, "Let Me Prove That I Love You" by The Dynells and "Plain And Simple Girl" by Garland Green. Top notch sound quality. 
4 out of 10

Gino Washington

"Oh Not Me", "Girl Here I Am" and "What Can A Man Do" are the standouts on this release. Real light on packaging and a few misspelled words on the track list. I nice and obscure addition to your soul collection.
5 out of 10

James Knight And The Butlers

"Baby Please Pretty Please" is one of 2 bonus tracks, and the best song, on this comp. If you like the Miami funk sound of this era add this one to you collection. Very good sound quality.
2 out of 10

The Invitations

For a while I had been contemplating getting this comp in hopes of finding a nice rare soul ballad, was not to be. Their take on "For Your Precious Love" is OK but the rest of the music I did not enjoy.
1 out of 10

Arthur Conley

"I'm A Stranger" was the draw for me on this comp. Hopes to get another similar level ballad were quickly dashed. Sound he is mainly southern soul, if that is your thing then this will be a solid pick up for you. Besides the mentioned track, I really could not find much else for satisfy my ears.
2 out of 10

Billy Butler

I previously posted another comp but decided to get this one since Ace Records puts together a better package, best sound quality and lots of liner notes. Highlights are pretty much the same with the addition of "Tomorrow Is Just Another Day" and "To Be Or Not To Be". 
5 out of 10

Lloyd Price

Picked this one up hoping to get a ballad or two that compliment the sound of "Just Because". Found them in "Baby Don't Turn Your Back On Me" and "Lonely Chair". If you enjoy early R&B oldies at a little faster pace this one will be a good pick up for you.
4 out of 10

The Best of Central Records

Early R&B sounds that honestly had me hitting the skip button often. A couple of nice tracks in "Blue And Lonely" by The Pretenders and "Now You're Gone" by The Laddins. This one will be best appreciated by the hardcore Doo Wop fans.
2 out of 10

Vaya!!! R&B Groups Go Latin

The well known standard "Stay" by Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs is best track on this comp. The rest are upbeat numbers that the west coast lowrider crowd will likely not enjoy.
1 out of 10