Sunday, April 29, 2018

Eastern PA 60's Soul

Most on the west coast would see this CD and pass it up without much thought. The cover might be deceiving but does it contains some real killer soul tunes. "To Love To Love" by James And The Incredible Showmen, "Hello Girl" by Vic And The Catalinas, "Sad Girl" by The Traditions, "Oh Baby Baby" by The Motiques and "I'll Search The World" by The Intentions makes this a must have for the rare soul music fan. Very good sound quality.
7 out of 10

Street Corner Romance

Top picks from this collection include "This Thing Called Love" by The Invictors, "Hidin' My Love" by Aesop's Fables, "That's What Love Will Do" by The Symphonies, "I'm No Romeo" by Billy Stewart, "Lonely" by The New Yorkers, "I Love You" by The Climbers, "Since You've Been Gone" by Jennell Hawkins & The Dreamers, "Tears in My Eyes" by The Chords, "Once I Had A Love" by The Gallahads, "Come Back To Me" by Suzy And The Copycats, "I'm So Lonely" by The Righteous Brothers, "Why Don't You Write Me" by Johnny And The Sinceres, "Elephant Walk (take 2)" by The Delighters, "Darling" by Johnny And Joe and "Wonderful One" by The Shondells. Sound quality is about average for the type of compilation this is. If you are a a hardcore Doo Wop aficionado this will be a good set to have in your collection.
5 out of 10.

Big thanks to Glenn for noting the hidden tracks on volume 1, they are:
Tract 21 Baby I Love You So The Tri-dells
Tract 22 I Want Only The Decoys
Tract 23 The Way You Look The Lonely Guys
Tract 24  You The Electras

De-Lite Records, Deep Mover

I jumped on this one when I spotted "Darling Baby" by Beverly Hammonds on the track list. For me there was only one other decent track on the release, "Everlasting Love" by Johnny Washington but, I am not a devoted deep soul fan. Sound quality is excellent.
4 out of 10

The Ru-Jac Records Story

A coupe of killer tracks included in this 4 volume compilation. They are "Love Don't Leave Me Now" by Fred Martin Jr. & The Exciters and "Never Never Leave Me" by an unknown artist.  Other notable tracks by Rita Doryse And The Shyndells Band, Gene And Eddie, The Caressors, Harold Holt, The Mask Man & The Cap-Tans and The Teardrops Band featuring Marie Allen. Top notch sound quality and plenty of liner notes to shed some insight on these artists.
5 out of 10

Vee -Jay Records 10 Years Of Chicago Street Corner Vol. 3

No plans in the near future to pick up the first two volumes so I will post this one up now. I can't find volume 1 for sale and volume 2 is available but nothing on it that will push me to pick up sooner than later. Killer track in "Tell The World" by The Dontells sets the bar so high that no other tracks comes close it it. "I'm So Glad" by The Twintetles is a decent track. Best off picking it up this track on "Impressed! 24 Groups Inspired By The Legendary Impressions & Curtis Mayfield" CD release on Ace Records.
2 out of 10

The Rojac Story , The Best Of Rojac & Tay-ster

I passed this release up more than a few times waiting for it to come up at a low price as my only interest was "It's Been Raining In My Heart" by The International G.T.O.'s. Clarence Reid "I Wish It Were Me" is also a decent track but I hit the skip button quite a bit on this one to recommend it.
2 out of 10

Ballads Vol. 1

The Vows "When A Boy Loves A Girl", The Gallahads "Be Fair" and "I'm Without A Girlfriend", The Bandits "Nothing Can Change My Love For You", The Casinos "I'm Falling", The Van Dykes "Bells Are Ringing", The Enchanters "I Need Your Love" and Joe Bataan & group "Sad Girl" make this a recommended pick up. Good sound quality.
6 out of 10

The 5 Chanels

This one contains one of my favorite female Doo Wop tracks in "The Reason". "Wish You Were Here" and "Waiting" are also solid tracks. A very good addition to your Doo Wop collection.
7 out of 10

Del-Fi Girl Groups: Gee Baby Gee

Besides a couple of very good early tracks by Brenda Holloway this compilation also includes some rare cuts by The Sisters. The sound on "For Sentimental Reasons" resonates that East L.A. sound that many of us really enjoy. This is one of the only legit CD compilations out there with this track.
5 out of 10

Girls Will Be Girls

I bought the second volume years ago just for a clean copy of The Jewels' classic "Opportunity" but then my collector conscience bothered me to get the first volume. The only other track I can recommend on this collection is Little Eva's take on "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?". Pop fans might find this set to be treasure by the lowrider crowd would definitely not.
1 out of 10