Sunday, April 29, 2018

Street Corner Romance

Top picks from this collection include "This Thing Called Love" by The Invictors, "Hidin' My Love" by Aesop's Fables, "That's What Love Will Do" by The Symphonies, "I'm No Romeo" by Billy Stewart, "Lonely" by The New Yorkers, "I Love You" by The Climbers, "Since You've Been Gone" by Jennell Hawkins & The Dreamers, "Tears in My Eyes" by The Chords, "Once I Had A Love" by The Gallahads, "Come Back To Me" by Suzy And The Copycats, "I'm So Lonely" by The Righteous Brothers, "Why Don't You Write Me" by Johnny And The Sinceres, "Elephant Walk (take 2)" by The Delighters, "Darling" by Johnny And Joe and "Wonderful One" by The Shondells. Sound quality is about average for the type of compilation this is. If you are a a hardcore Doo Wop aficionado this will be a good set to have in your collection.
5 out of 10.

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